I need an attorney or a CPA!

Do you need an attorney or a CPA to help you review a contract, answer your tax questions, or provide financial advice?  Find a professional who meets your needs through the University of Houston Small Business Development Center’s Professional Services Network (PSN) program. You can also find professionals in a variety of other disciplines, including Internet experts, designers, engineers, as well as public relations and marketing consultants.

Service providers in our PSN database offer small business clients an initial consultation at no charge, and set fees for additional work on a case-by-case basis at significant discounts. 

For a detailed description of the program and a fee schedule, click here. 

Complete an online application letting us know the type of professional or advisory assistance you need.  We will provide you with contact information on several service providers possessing the right expertise.  You can pick one, or interview them all to find the right match.  All PSN referrals are provided to you at no cost.      

Are you an attorney or a CPA?  Join the 200 service providers already in our PSN database. We will refer you to clients needing discounted assistance, offering you the opportunity to “give back” to the business community, as well as the potential to develop new client relationships.  click here. to find out more now.

To complete an application to become a Service Provider, click here.